Cheltenham and Custom orders!

Hey Lovelies!

Its been a little while since I posted! Things have been super busy over here Sparkles since I started working full time on my business!

I’m super excited about things that are coming up for me over the next few months and the opportunities that are presenting themselves at the mo! I’ll keep you posted once things are confirmed!

I worked at Lou Lou’s Cheltenham vintage fair last weekend which was a great day in a beautiful setting! I met loads of really lovely people and fellow traders!

11390125_1034862819874499_5498569423282292610_n 10419480_1034862849874496_6384494333627273784_n 11391398_1034862803207834_2096801717715057640_n 22787_1034862746541173_904744196268222503_n

In the past few days i’ve been busy catching up on customer orders!

11350651_1037502389610542_6807867641916823405_n 11391175_1036396626387785_8878556183888153929_n 1977204_1036284939732287_9117435887671903047_n 11401560_1036739599686821_7501339138796156297_n IMG_2831

Well i’ll keep you updated as an when things happen! The next fair i’m at is My Little Vintage Olney fair on the 20th!

Much Love



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