Feeling grateful!

Well hello lovelies!

I’ve been super busy working on cute and funky items for my wonderful customers and for upcoming fairs i’m trading at!

Deciding to work full time on Sparkles was a huge decision for me, the opportunity to make this work, the timing and various things that happened enabled me to really go for it and see what happened. If my contract hadn’t ended at my old job I don’t think I would have ever made that leap to being fully self employed. Its a scary step and a leap into the unknown. Don’t get me wrong I know people have always liked my clothing, so I had no doubt that I would sell things, but it was a huge question over whether it would pick up enough to support me and to replace that security of being an employee.


Well I am so glad that the opportunity threw itself at me, it was the best decision I have made, I’m super happy working for myself, deciding what to do when, being able to hit bootcamp at the time of day that fits around my schedule, being able to catch up with friends and most of all not spending up to 2.5 hours a day commuting to and from work!

Over the last 7-10 days something has changed, and i’m super excited! I am beyond grateful to all of my customers, both the loyal repeat ones and the influx of new customers I’ve had recently. It really is a pleasure to work with each and every one of you to create the perfect item for you little ones!

I’ve also set up an online store today for my ready made items! http://sparklesdesigns.tictail.com

Getting pictures of gorgeous little people wearing things I have made really does make my day and makes all the hard work worth while!



I’ll be working at the My Little Vintage fair in Olney, Buckinghamshire on Saturday which should be a good day!

I’m also planning a photoshoot which I am super excited about and am busily sewing for, alongside customer orders! Watch this space for more info and pics from the shoot in the next couple of months!

So really I just wanted to share a little bit of this journey with you and to thank you all so much for your support along the way!

Much love

Jade x


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