Been a while!!!…

Good evening Lovelies!

Well its been far too long since I blogged so thought i’d better sort that out!

Things at Sparkles have been super busy over the past few months and i’m really happy with the way everything is going, the support from friends and family and of course my loyal customers!

So last time I posted it was about upcoming shows and more importantly the photoshoot! Well what an amazing day it was! Working with Popi Sterling, who is not only an incredible photographer but also a super lovely person was an amazing experience. What started out as a pretty grey day turned sunny just in time! All of the models arrived looking gorgeous and set Popi quite the challenge in organising 4 under 3’s, fortunately everyone was in good spirits and the two older models certainly helped too!

Check out Popi’s Facebook page here:

I’m so blown away by the incredible images, and the editing and couldn’t be any happier with the way Popi captured not only the models, but everything Sparkles stands for! There will be more images to follow at a later date.

I will be creating leaflets and posters to advertise my business much more around my local area as feel this is something that I need to develop further!

Huge thanks go out to the models (in age order) Lauren, Aleecia, L’Shyia, Anaié, Corben and Izaiah for being totally gorgeous, helpful and cooperative on the day and for not too many tears!

Take Care Lovelies!! xxx

smiley Sparkles border Sparkles-3 Sparkles-4 Sparkles-6 Sparkles-7 Sparkles-13 Sparkles-14 Sparkles sunshine The boys


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