Long time no blog!

Hey Lovelies!

Its been a ridiculously long time since I blogged about anything at all…I’d like to get it going again as quite like spending time processing what i’ve been up to and what plans I have next! Going to keep this one fairly short and ask for some feedback on what you would like to read about!

As far as Sparkles goes I’ve not done much at all on the sewing front this year really. I made a gorgeous quilt and a couple of dresses for my nieces but alongside my ‘day job’ it can get tough to find the time!

However I am back in sewing mode again at the moment and feeling a renewed passion and energy for it which is great! I work at a university during their term time which is coming to a close now so I find myself with more free time during the week to pursue my business and the passion I have for it!

Outside of sewing, the past few weeks have been a bit crazy…in a totally good way! I decided I wanted more little breaks and adventures this year and that is totally coming through for me which is amazing. I went to Edinburgh at the end of March which is my ‘happy place’ and actually my 3rd visit in the past 12 months!! Did I mention it’s my happy place?!? I have a real connection to that city and hate it when I have to leave!


The following week I went to Ironbridge,Shropshire with my lovely mum for 3 days, she’d wanted to go for years so I booked a hotel as her Christmas present and off we went! It was beautiful, loads to see and do and beautiful weather to top it off!


Easter weekend I went to Norfolk for a few days with my parents and my dog Lexie and we had a lovely time. Lexie loves to run around on the beach and she certainly doesn’t get that opportunity much living in Northamptonshire!


Then last weekend I had the opportunity to head North to Yorkshire to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for just over 2 years which was lovely! I had planned to chill out this coming weekend and have now ended up planning a last minute trip to Chester!! In the hopes of finding a dress for my cousin’s upcoming wedding in Verona, Italy! Who needs a rest anyway!! Sometimes you put out there you want more trips and adventures and it just comes through for you! 🙂

As far as sewing goes though I have recognised that its taken a bit of a backseat this year and that isn’t what I want, and the balance between the day job and running my own business just hasn’t been there. I’m hoping and working on ways of making that ‘fit’ a little better for me for the next academic year at work!

So I guess its over to you for a bit of feedback on what you would like me to blog about…I can do individual posts about places i’ve visited…pretty sure I could write a full book on Edinburgh…but travel is something I love and I have been to a fair few countries. I can keep it focused on sewing and whats going on with Sparkles, or I can do a bit of a general what I’ve done this month type blog which would include any trips and also sewing stuff!

Much Love

Jade x


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